Jewish Musical Leadership


Music Direction at Congregation Bet Haverim (CBH)

Gayanne guides the artistic integration of music programming in congregational life, leads services, and a regular chant group at CBH.

Since co-founding the Chorus in 2000, she has worked collaboratively with congregants, Rabbi Josh, and Will Robertson to foster an organic, dynamic, and innovative approach to music in liturgy.


Music Consulting with Synagogue Leadership

Gayanne consults with synagogues on a variety of topics related to infusing music into congregational life, including:  

  • Identifying choice points for integrating relevant and vibrant music into Jewish prayer
  • Balancing the traditions, needs, strengths, and interests of congregants and spiritual leaders
  • Identifying strategies for selecting new music, then teaching methods for introducing new prayers and songs
  • Teaching techniques for assessing engagement and response from congregants


Albums by the Chorus, Band, and Orchestra of Congregation Bet Haverim

Under Gayanne's guidance, CBH has released seven albums to date, and is currently working on number eight! Each album has its own unique focus and blend of songs, ranging from intimate chants to heartwarming songs that will have you up and dancing. 

Click the link below to learn more about each album.


Rabbi Joshua Lesser

 "Working with Gayanne for nearly two decades, she is an extraordinary partner in creating religious services, sacred music, prayer experiences, and deeply connected community. Gayanne's desire to understand the interior of these opportunities helps people explore their spiritual connections and deepen their joy in singing. Gayanne brings so much soul and presence to her own music, but her real magic lies in helping people find their voices and use them for their sacred and creative lives. I love that Gayanne is willing to explore, experiment and envision on the frontiers of Jewish music and spirituality."

Nancy Kriseman

“Gayanne introduced me to Jewish chant practice about two years ago. Gayanne’s passion for chanting and singing is contagious! At every chant session, she reminds us that every voice is welcome and powerful. She provides us with an understanding of the meaning behind the chants which makes our experience even more meaningful. Under her caring and sensitive guidance, Gayanne has helped us create a powerful connection amongst us that is awe inspiring. I always leave chant with my heart wide open.”

Margie Osheroff

"Gayanne is a deeply talented and passionate singer and choral leader.  She researches as she seeks music for our congregation in all time periods, cultures, and genres. Our congregation thrives on the beautiful melodies Gayanne interprets and brings to services. She has attracted so many of our members to CBH because the of the exquisite music and how she and others perform it. Gayanne is a true gift to Congregation Bet Haverim!"

Gregg Bedol

"Gayanne's music leadership for CBH is unique, visionary, and extraordinary. She infuses all she touches with spiritual clarity. Gayanne has expanded the music program at CBH beyond the chorus to include an amazing string ensemble, a fabulous band, and Congregational Chant. She had helped direct CBH's music program to a leadership role across the Jewish Reconstructionist movement. "

Lee Korfin

"I am an annual visitor to CBH for the holiday services for many years. Gayanne has been an asset to the chorus and the services always. Her voice and her demeanor bring the holiday spirit to all."

Kim Goldsmith

"Gayanne has been my multi-faceted musical leader and a singing partner for about 15 years as part of the the CBH chorus. Her ability to identify relevant and meaningful music regularly opens my heart and mind. Her voice and gentle guidance has been the most critical element to make me the soulful singer I am today. Gayanne is a treasure for both our spiritual community and to me personally."