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About Gayanne

Singer, Vocal Coach, Jewish Music Leader


Vocal Capacity Building

As a vocal coach, Gayanne combines her background as a psychotherapist to help people ground themselves in their voices and find their unique identities through singing.


Jewish Musical Leadership

Gayanne serves as music director at Atlanta's Congregation Bet Haverim and is a Rising Song Fellow with the Hadar Institute. She also consults with synagogues on how to integrate creative musical approaches into their spiritual practice.


Gayanne's New Album

Check out Gayanne's new album, By the God Tree. 

This album combines Jewish liturgy and original song writing with a sense of urgency to care for our trees.



Melanie Hammet

Melanie Hammet

"Gayanne treats her friends and the world with great attention & care. She vibrates the room when she sings with her powerful tone and fierce intention. She teaches with clarity, experience, and tenderness. She creates community wherever she sets foot. I trust her musicality and devotion to making the world better for all. I trust her all the way."

Melanie Hammet

Melanie Hammet

Melanie Hammet

"I have performed with Gayanne, recorded with her, and been directed by her as a member of our community choir. She is the embodiment of voice and intuitive musicality. Our friendship itself is a song."

Elise Witt

Melanie Hammet

Elise Witt

"Gayanne is a truly gifted musician, teacher, counselor, and community leader, creating a synthesis of her multiple trainings in theology, music, psychology and community building  I have known her personally as both a collaborator and a teacher. She is always the first person I recommend as a vocal coach, and I have personally benefitted enormously from her powerful teaching."