Looking to free your voice? Build community within a group? Create unique musical experiences?

Gayanne coaches individual singers and works with groups to create a variety of singing experiences tailored to your needs.

Exploring Your Voice

1-on-1 Vocal Coaching

Gayanne offers individual vocal coaching sessions to people who are:

  • Discovering their singing voice 
  • Working through a vocal impasse or challenge 
  • Experienced singers and songwriters

Creating Group Vocal Experiences

Gayanne creates community through shared singing experiences in several dimensions:

  • Developing a vocal performance workshop series
  • Rising song within
  • Community singing experiences

My Approach to Working with the Voice

Deep Listening

 I tune into a combination of people’s sound, emotion, and energy. When I sense reticence or fear, we work with that functionally and sometimes emotionally and spiritually

Working with Voice Function

I work on the fundamentals of vocal function through exercises designed to release constriction, help register balance, find the natural voice and build overall vocal capacity.  

Creative Expression

 I help people gain a deeper connection to the content of their art by finding their unique expression in musical choices and delivery.

Facilitating Group Connections

I help individuals in a group draw on their own strengths and support each other in creating something together. I respond to the connections people are making, lift them out, and help people connect more deeply as a group.


Ariela Freedman

 "Gayanne has helped me move through so much fear and self-judgement around singing over the last six years. One of her superpowers is identifying stuck points and finding the right exercise or pearl of wisdom to get me unstuck. I used to be terrified to hear my own voice, but Gayanne has helped me free my voice in amazing ways. I am so grateful for Gayanne's ability to help me realize how much my voice can do and help me have compassion for myself as I learn."   

Lois Wolf

"I thought my voice was ruined by numerous respiratory infections and Gayanne convinced me that I was telling myself an untrue story. My voice continues to improve under Gayanne’s tutelage and I look forward to my vocal lessons. Gayanne’s love and enthusiasm for her students provides a comfortable environment to explore your voice and I would highly recommend her as a vocal coach." 

Shana Cohen

"Gayanne is unlike any voice teacher I've ever had. She combines deep knowledge of the technical and stylistic aspects of singing with an empathic talent for quickly homing in on the emotional and even spiritual obstacles to releasing the voice. In two years of working with her, I have learned so much about how to connect with my body and sing from a more liberated, joyous, and authentic place. I'm so grateful to have found such a wise and caring guide on my vocal journey!"

Laura Johnson

"It is rare when one person can have a life-changing impact on you. I'm in my 50s and never believed I could sing, until Gayanne created a safe, encouraging, fun space for me to reveal and explore my voice. I used to panic with singing in front of others and now I thoroughly enjoy it.  Gayanne sees her student as a whole person, not just a voice box to adjust with exercises. She skillfully navigates the intersection of vocal technique with emotional expression." 

Amy Lighthill

"As a timid amateur singer, I was scared to sing in a choir, but finally joining the Pine Lake Choir with Gayanne at its head proved one of the highlights of my life as a music appreciator and lucky participant. Gayanne finds (and writes!) the most soulful songs for groups, and her powerhouse voice, deep musical knowledge, humor, and kindness in leadership has made singing with her a rich spiritual experience I wouldn't trade for anything! "